Security Networks
Video Surveillance

Security Networks

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a key application for WipAir broadband wireless technology. Securing a large perimeter using wireless solution is the fastest, easiest and usually the most affordable way.

WipAir PTP is the ultimate solution to backhaul video surveillance networks with its high and constant one-way throughput and error-free operation.

WipAir PTMP is optimized for multi-camera applications with its no-collision TDMA based protocol. The asymmetric and constant capacity allows to collect transmission of more cameras than any other solution in the market using only one sector (one RF channel), which simplifies RF planning, reduces costly tower space and eases installation & maintenance.


  • Highest capacity of 310 Mbps
  • Most efficient dynamic asymmetric capacity (270 Mbps one-way) designed for most demanding video applications
  • TDMA based protocol guarantees collision-free operation
  • Unique Interference rejection technologies guarantee stability in latency and throughput in most congested locations.
  • Hitless ACM and fastest ARQ ensures error-free operation with minimal jitter
  • 2x RJ-45 ports – built in power redundancy / PoE for the camera
  • Real time synchronization capability eliminates self interference between WipAir units in dense security deployments
  • Green surveillance – lowest power consumption of <7Watt
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