With over a decade of WaveIP PTMP experience, WipAir embodies a standard of perfection with the highest 310 Mbps net capacity, built-in QoS and unique interference rejection technologies, guaranteeing high performance, error-free and most stable operation in the market.
WipAir is the ultimate Point-to-Multipoint system for carriers, last mile enterprises, security networks and high-end broadband connectivity.


  • Highest capacity – 310 Mbps net throughput per sector
  • Stable and robust solution in highly interfered environment
  • Error free communication
  • Real time synchronization eliminates self-interference between sectors and towers
  • Scalable and Flexible solution with software upgrade between models
  • Built-in Quality of Service and traffic shaping capabilities
  • High bandwidth campus solutions


  • Multi-backhaul solutions
  • IP video surveillance and security networks
  • Backbone for Metro WiFi Networks
  • Business grade wireless access
  • Broadband access services for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)
  • Enterprise & Municipal wireless networks
  • High bandwidth campus solutions
  • Green networks – WipAir unit can be powered via solar panels to provide wireless connectivity in remotest locations
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