WipAir Management

WipAir Management

ViewAir NMS
WEB Management
Link Manager

ViewAir NMS, WipAir Network Management system, introduces state-of-the-art management capabilities and allows the operator to manage the entire WipAir PTP and PTMP deployment from a single point of management.

ViewAir NMS

ViewAir NMS includes multiple interfaces used for advanced configuration, monitoring, analysis and fault management of WipAir network:

Map view – ViewAir NMS is fully integrated with Google maps offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and path profiling of the entire deployment.

Network view – intuitive hierarchical tree view for ‘health in glance’ display of WipAir network.

Alarm management – ViewAir NMS manages advanced alarm notification via email or Twitter and includes alarms filters and history to support instant fault detection, isolation and resolution.

WEB interface – ViewAir NMS integrates with WipAir radios WEB interface for configuration, provisioning, monitoring and analysis. In addition, ViewAir integrates with third party WEB interface (routers / switches, etc).


  • Manages entire deployment composed of WipAir PTP and PTMP radios
  • Integrated with Google maps
  • Support for smartphones and tablets NMS clients
  • Automatic network discovery
  • Radio link monitoring and configuration
  • Rapid alarm reporting and notification (email/twitter)
  • System health in a glance

WaveIP Secured WEB interface provides powerful analysis and advanced capabilities of configuration and monitoring of WipAir units.

WipAir WEB interface is managed from any computer, operating system and even Smartphones or Tablets.

WEB Management


  • Radio monitoring and configuration
  • Easy PTP/PTMP configuration – all in one point
  • System health in a glance
  • Multiple networking modes supported by a single radio
  • QoS and traffic shaping per unit
  • Built in analysis tools:
    • RF analyzer
    • Traffic analyzer
    • Real time status counters
    • Real time logs
    • Radio history

WipAir Link Manager is the perfect technician tool, providing a complete GUI system to configure, monitor and analyze WipAir radio.
Link Manager


  • Automatic Network discovery
  • Simple installation, configuration and upgrade of WipAir radio
  • Powerful and fast analysis tools:
    • Built-in RF analyzer
    • Numerous link indicators and counters
    • Real time radio logs
    • Traffic generator – built-in throughput test tool