IP backhaul

WaveIP’s WipAir is the complete solution for Service Providers and Operators, offering extensive portfolio with net throughput up to 310Mbps and ‘build as you grow’ upgrade capabilities.
WaveIP’s ‘all in one’ solution combines Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint backhaul in one single product, providing the most robust, reliable and flexible backhaul solution for WiFi hotspots connectivity, WiMAX/LTE backhaul and also for backhauling of WipAir PTMP sites.


  • Highest capacity – up to 310 Mbps
  • Lowest latency of 1ms
  • Long range more than 130 Km
  • Unique interference rejection technology guarantees stable and constant latency & throughput
  • Build ad you grow. Same radio supports:
    • Increase capacity via license key when customer demand increases.
    • Software upgrade from PTP to PTMP topology.
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