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Product Brochures

WipAir ACE Product Brochure

We’ve got the ACE…

ACE capacity – 1000 Mbps net throughput
ACE technology – 256QAM & 80MHz channel bandwidth
ACE stability – Unrivaled interference immunity via WipAir’s AIS technology and cutting-edge Adaptive Bandwidth & Coding & Modulation

WipAir 8000 Product Brochure

WaveIP’s WipAir 8000 is the latest word in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadband wireless solutions.

With unprecedented dynamic asymmetric net throughput of 270 Mbps and ultra-low latency of 1ms, this advanced OFDM 2X2 MIMO wireless bridge is the optimal solution for high capacity applications such as IP and cellular backhauls, video surveillance and private networks.

Phenomenal range of more than 130 Km, highest capacity, lowest latency and outstanding RF interference rejection places WipAir 8000 at the top of its category.

WipAir Point-to-Multipoint

With over a decade of WaveIP PTMP experience, WipAir embodies a standard of perfection with the highest 270 Mbps net capacity, built-in QoS and unique interference rejection technologies, guaranteeing high performance, error-free and most stable operation in the market.

WipAir is the ultimate Point-to-Multipoint system for carriers, last mile enterprises, security networks and high-end broadband connectivity.

WipAir 6000 Product Brochure

WipAir 6000 is an advanced OFDM 2X2 MIMO wireless backhaul in the sub-7GHz licensed and license exempt spectrum, delivering up to 200 Mbps dynamic asymmetric net throughput and ranging more than 130 Km.

With superior reliability, RF robustness, high capacity, lowest latency, long range, time synchronization capability and unrivaled price, WipAir 6000 gives a phenomenal price/performance value in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint domain.

WipAir Series Brochure

WipAir series is WaveIP’s advanced high performance carrier class wireless bridge in the sub-7GHz licensed and license exempt spectrum.

WipAir series is a “build as you grow” software upgradeable point-to-point and
point-to-multipoint product line, enabling operators to custom fit the link’s throughput to their needs and offering the ultimate bandwidth flexibility while minimizing CAPEX & OPEX.

WipAir Smart Indoor Unit (S-IDU)

WipAir Smart Indoor Unit (S-IDU) is the ultimate TDM over IP solution with ultra-low latency and low jitter connectivity.

WaveIP S-IDU combined with WipAir Point-to-Point wireless backhauls is tailored to meet the Carriers’ needs providing essential advantages for TDM over IP networks, including highest capacity over longest-range links, lowest latency & jitter, 1+1 backup redundancy and minimal power consumption.